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Benefits of Selling Your Car on DirectCarBuyers

DirectCarBuyers does the work for you

No need to waste your time driving around to multiple dealers.

Our buying agents are extremely competitive

We thrive on competition. Let us fight for the deal.

Have an existing buy offer? DirectCarBuyers will work to beat it!

Upload your existing offer to make sure you’re not leaving money on the table.

Selling your car on DirectCarBuyers is free, without any obligations

We are a free platform for private sellers to list and sell their car. You are not obligated to sell, and there are no sneaky fees.

We keep your contact info confidential until you accept the offer you want

You won’t be receiving calls or text messages from a bunch of car dealers. We will keep your contact info confidential until you accept our offer.

You stay in control of the deal

With DirectCarBuyers you can do business how you want, when you want, and at the price you want.

Avoid the hassle of selling your car privately

You don’t have to waste your time selling your vehicle privately. Our buying agents will most likely give you the highest offer and they will actually close the sale.

Our buying agent will handle all necessary paperwork

We are familiar with all the necessary paperwork needed to close the sale.
Common Questions

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Am I not better off selling my car privately rather than to a dealership?

What paperwork is needed to sell my car?

My vehicle is financed. Can I still sell on DirectCarBuyers?

I leased my car. Can I still list it for sale on DirectCarBuyers?

What happens if I don’t describe my car properly when listing it?

Will someone come to my home or office to buy the car?