5 Ways to Upgrade Your Car Before Selling It

The car market is without a doubt a seller’s market this year. That said, who doesn’t want to maximize their potential profit with a couple of quick fixes?

It may seem counterintuitive to upgrade your car just to sell it, but a few simple changes could mean the difference between a great sale and no sale at all.

Have it inspected by a mechanic

Chances are high that your potential buyer will want to know how your car is running under the hood, and taking this extra step prior to putting your car up for sale may seem like an unnecessary, extra expense, but the simpler purchasing process will make it that much more appealing for your buyer.

Get it detailed

It doesn’t matter how well you’ve cared for your car if you have trash in the backseat and crumbs wedged into the upholstery. Your buyer will have certain expectations when purchasing a used vehicle, but having your interiors in good condition simply leaves a better impression. Getting that new car smell back might be next to impossible, but you can at least have it smelling clean and looking fresh and ready to drive.

Invest in new tires

Tires can be a substantial expense – which is precisely why they’re an investment. Not only will they improve your car’s safety and reliability (with a new set of tires lasting anywhere from 3 to 6 years depending on use), but it will make for a significantly smoother test drive for your potential buyer.

Make cosmetic repairs

Of course, it doesn’t make sense to spend hundreds of dollars on a new paint job if all it will get you is one extra zero on your price tag, but old, foggy headlights may be just as much of a dealbreaker to a potential buyer as a crumpled bumper or dented hood. Fix up what you can, within reason and capacity – the better your car looks, the more it seems well cared for, and the better your chances of negotiating a better deal or justifying your asking price.

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