In-Demand Car Models in Florida in 2022 (So Far)

With close to 900 dealerships, Florida is by and large one of the more ideal states to buy (and sell) a used car in. On the one hand, with a little over 20% of its population over the age of 65, a lot of vehicles are turned over due to their owners no longer being able to drive them. On the other, beautiful cities, gorgeous coastlines, and miles upon miles of scenic drives encourage the shift to better, more reliable vehicles.

Whatever the case, Florida isn’t immune to the supply-chain issues plaguing new inventory at dealerships. If you’re in the market to sell your used car, here are the top 5 cars that are in high demand in the Florida area.

5. Ram 1500/2500/3500

The Ram makes for a great ride thanks to its suspension system, and with plenty of other user features designed to deliver optimum comfort and control, it’s no surprise to see it as the fifth most sought-after car in Florida. With a variety of models to choose from depending on a driver’s priorities, every model of the Ram can pass for a luxury vehicle while giving exceptional performance in every aspect you would expect from a pick-up truck.

4. Toyota Camry

The Camry is the best-selling midsized sedan in the country, but its reputation as one of the all-time best-selling passenger/daily driving cars isn’t enough to boost it to the top spot in Florida. While highly reliable, with most recent models taking it up a notch in terms of style, it fails to excite in terms of engine power and capability.

3. Ford F-Series

Synonymous with “pick-up truck”, the Ford F-series is a country-wide favorite for its performance, power, and controls. There’s a wide selection to choose from, for the more adventurous off-roaders to the truck-aficionados, and even hybrid, family-friendly options.

2. Toyota RAV4

The RAV4 has quickly become one of the best-selling compact SUVs in the country for its practicality and efficiency. Whether it’s the most basic model or the more appealing Hybrid, the RAV4 is a delight to drive and ride in, with plenty of space for cargo and passengers.

1. Toyota Corolla

By far one of the most popular vehicles in the country for its fuel economy, reliability, and affordability, the Corolla’s in-state popularity can be attributed to decades of good reviews from its users. It’s a compact vehicle with advanced safety features and a smooth ride – what’s not to like?

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